The adventures of Rick and Morty to return with the Fourth Season in November

Great news for the fans of the American animated sci-fiction sitcom “Rick and Morty”! The animated sitcom with revolves around the Smith household and the adventures of the mad scientist Rick and his grandson Morty is all set to make a comeback with their fourth season.

It is revealed that the series will go on-air from November this year. As it was confirmed earlier that the fourth season of the series will first launch in the Adult swim festival in November and from there it will be taken over by Netflix and will be relaunched on the platform with the addition of 10 more episodes.

During the 2019 edition of Comic-con Adult swim two pictures from the upcoming season was revealed. Both the Pictures had Rick in it combating and exploring different places of the Milky Way and Beyond. But unfortunately, we could not trace Morty in those pictures. Though not much is revealed about the upcoming season from the makers’ end, it’s now high on the hands of the fans to think about the future of the other characters in the series.

Although the official release date has not been confirmed yet, still we have got a ray of hope for this animated series. Let us break another news to you! The co-creator of the series Justin Roiland confirmed in an interview that the series will have seven seasons in the future. Isn’t that great news to rejoice. Many may argue that the fandom of the series might have diminished but there remain few loyal fans who will hold the placard of cheer no matter what!

November is still a few months away. Till then why not watch the older episodes and encapsulate the series once again until the new season unfolds on our screen!