Woman Murder Her 9 Year-Old Niece Who Was Initially Hospitalized For Cardiac Arrest

A woman from Texas will be charged with the Murder and Manslaughter of her nine-year-old niece, which was attempted last week. Mansfield police reported that a murder charge would be filed against Mercia Michelle Sneed who was initially arrested for the only the injuries found on her niece’s body.

The Girl Suffered Cardiac Arrest

The law officials notified that on July 27 at around 12:30 PM, Mansfield Police answered to a call at a home in the 4200 blocks of Eagle Drive. The call was made for the child who suffered cardiac arrest. When police officials were on their way medics were performing Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the girl identified as Melodi Sneed.

The law officials reached the address with life-saving measures for Melodi. Later, she was taken to Methodist Mansfield Medical Center, where doctors pronounced her dead in the afternoon. A spokesperson from the police’s end denied stating anything about Melody’s injury.

Cause And Manner Of Death Is Still Unknown

Later, the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s officers came up with a view that Melody was murdered, as police confirmed. Though any cause or manner of death is not listed over there for Melody’s online records.

Police have taken the 40-year-old Mercia in their custody on Saturday on charges claiming serious injuries to the child. The accused is in Tarrant County jail with a bail bond priced at $500,000.

Police said that after compilation of additional information on Wednesday, the charges against Mercia would be upgraded to Capital Murder.

Dallas News reported that there are no details revealed by the police officers that what led them to Mercia’s arrest.