A bug shows a dutch falling from the skies of Tahiti in Red Dead Redemption 2

One of the players of the popular action-themed action adventure game Red dead Redemption 2 recently shared a video of a bug that they encountered while playing the game. The game which generally operates in PlayStation 4 and Xbox one console does not have much of bugs in it unlike other games. Even if they does they are generally bugs which goes at par with the game and the story of it.

Before moving further we let us explain what a bug is? So Game bugs are basically glitches or defects that occurs in a game due to the result of some improper codes in the game build. This bugs hampers the overall gaming experience by creating faults maybe in the sound quality or so.

So what is this bug all about? Imagine Arthur Morgan, which is basically you running wild on the streets Saint Dennis and suddenly a dutch lands from the sky from nowhere and greets and acts like nothing happened, greets and starts running like a madman. Sounds weird right? But to our dismay this was the actual scenario that happened when a player was playing the game. This was so unexpected that he shared the video of that portion to enlighten the mood of the fellow gaming enthusiast.

The bug has become the buzz of the gaming world because, falling of a Dutch from the skies of Tahiti has nothing to do with the story of the game. Thus this character totally gave a cameo from nowhere and that too without any context whatsoever.  The best-selling and critically acclaimed game does have few bugs like NPCs falling from the sky, but a Dutch was far beyond anyone’s expectations.