American Singer ‘R. Kelly’ is Not Guilty to Federal Charges of Sexual Assault and Kidnapping?

Robert Sylvester Kelly’s judge grants a protective order to prevent the case from being “Tired in the public Domain “

Let’s know something about R. Kelly before getting into the new. Robert Sylvester Kelly is an American singer, songwriter, and a professional Basketball player. His Native is Chicago, Illinois, US. He is famous for his Genres like soul, gospel, and hip hop. R. Kelly released his first solo in the year 1993 named 12 play. This is a solo album released on November 9th. Beginning he was a street player then shooted up to be a famous person. His awards are for this rock and blue and hip hop. Kelly’s won his first award for the song “I Believe I Can Fly.”

American Singer 'R. Kelly' is Not Guilty to Federal Charges of Sexual Assault and Kidnapping!!

They are getting into the news. A federal judge in Chicago on Wednesday laid a protective order against R. Kelly. He was arrested for his child porn. But R. Kelly says that it’s a work of some “disgruntled groupies.” The Judge pulled the case to the end by addressing “ tired in the Public Domain.” “ The vast majority of our evidence has never seen the light of the day,” Krull told U.S District Judge Harry Leinenweber.

After announcing the protective order, the judge asked the defense to modify or lift or the case. “What we are concerned with the case like this is people trying the case in the public domain as opposed to the court,” Leinenweber since the people have put forth their views of handling the case in the form of public domain.

With no serious action against him for committing a total count of 18 sexual harassments last month. He was not put behind bars in Chicago and New York. So he would be put into Brooklyn by the U.S Marshals service.