Is Hobbs and Shaw Vanessa Kirby’s returning in Mission: Impossible 7?

English television and film actress Vanessa Kirby will be seen in the upcoming American action spy thriller movie, Mission Impossible 7. Vanessa Kirby played the role of Princess Margaret in Peter Morgan’s Netflix web series The Crown. She won the BAFTA Award for “Best Actress in a Supporting Role in a Television Series,” for her role as Princess Margaret.

The actress made her debut in the Mission: Impossible series in the year 2018 in the movie, Mission: Impossible – Fallout. She played the role of Alanna Mitsopololis, aka White Widow. She was a black-market arms dealer.

Vanessa Kirby was last seen in the spinoff of Mission: Impossible, Hobs & Shaw. The movie was released on 2nd of August, 2019. Vanessa played the role of Hattie Shaw, who is an MI6 field agent. She is the sister of Deckard (Jason Statham)
And Owen. Vanessa Kirby was praised for her acting in this movie along with Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson.

Vanessa Kirby as The White Widow in MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – FALLOUT, from Paramount Pictures and Skydance.

There are speculations that Vanessa would be seen in the upcoming, movies of the Mission Impossible franchise.

During an interview with the entertainment-based website, CinemaBlend, the actress, was asked about returning in the movie, Mission: Impossible 7. Vanessa Kirby replied, “Not yet because I think they’re on recuse right now looking everywhere in different countries for amazing locations.” She continued by saying, “As you know, so much of that is part of Mission and I’m gonna have dinner with Chris McQuarrie so we’ll see what he says.” She said that, “They might not want me to come back. We’ll see.”

Vanessa Kirby in Hobbs & Shaw (2019). Courtesy NBC Universal.


It seems that Vanessa Kirby joked about her comeback for Mission: Impossible 7. As the character of the White widow is not dead, we can expect Vanessa’s entry in the upcoming Mission Impossible movies.

The makers of the movie have revealed that Mission: Impossible 7 will be releasing in the Summer of 2021. The trailer will be released sometime next year.