My Hero Academia ‘Heroes Rising’ and Season 4 Updates

Ever since My Hero Academia released, first as a manga and then anime, it has garnered fans rapidly. The franchise is all set for an eventful year with two  upcoming releases- ‘Heroes Rising’ and Season 4.

My Hero Academia: HEROES RISING

The official trailer for the second feature film ‘HEROES RISING’ dropped on 1st August, Thursday. The film, set to release on 20th December, 2019, is said to be the finale in the franchise.

The trailer confirms the presence of the entirety of Class A in UA Academy alongside the main protagonists Midoriya and Bakugo. This finale sets up the “Heir of All For One”, Nine, allegedly the ‘Ultimate Villain’. The final installment in the My Hero Academia film franchise will wrap up all the character arcs.

News on Season 4

After an arduous wait, My Hero Academia dropped the official Season 4 trailer at its SDCC Panel 2019 at last.

Season 3 of the anime closed out with a definite hint of another season to follow, leaving fans hanging. With the first film ‘Two Heroes’ releasing in August and Season 3 ending in September 2018, a long drought followed. In addition, Season 4 was pushed back from its expected spring release to an October release.

The 4th season (English subs) of My Hero Academia is finally set to premiere on 12th October, 2019.  However, an official date for the English subbed version remains to be confirmed. Following in the footsteps of season 2 and 3, season 4 will also have 25 episodes.

Season 4 will pick up where the previous season left off. The ending of season 3 introduces The Big 3, the most powerful of UA Academy. Mirio Togata, from the aforementioned Big 3, breaks the news of the internship with major Pro-Heroes to Midoriya and the others. Since the ‘Internship Arc’ is the longest arc in the manga, a majority of the upcoming season will follow that.