Reasons why Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s latest season is unavailable on Netflix

Season 6 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been recently released and aired on NBC, but the widely used media streaming platform Netflix still did not air it, and that’s keeping all the Nine-Nine fans curious. Here’s to why Netflix still just has 5 seasons off the show.

Till initial five seasons, Brooklyn Nine-Nine aired on Fox. But after the media network decided on taking down the show, NBC gave it a new abode. CEO of Fox travel, Dana Welden felt that there are other new shows that need more attention and a platform. She said “With Thursday Night Football, there were fewer hours to program..scheduling Brooklyn would prevent us from promoting something new.”

Fox did not own the series and therefore it had to contribute a huge fee for licencing the episodes. Therefore, its great that NBC, got the show back, because it doesn’t need to give hefty amounts for copyrighting the episodes. In an interview given to Entertainment Weekly, Robert Greenblatt, the chairman of NBC Entertainment said ” Ever since we sold this show to fox I’ve regretted letting it get away, and its high time it came back to its rightful home.”

It is this licencing fee that Netflix’s subscribers are not able to view Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s sixth season. There are two reasons as to why the show’s sixth installment cannot run on Netflix. Firstly, its not a Netflix original, so Netflix has to pay copyright licence amount to the show’s owner media. secondly, Netflix has confirmed that as the show’s sixth season is being aired on E4 in the UK, it cannot be available on Netflix in the same region, as the audience would get divided, that would result in less profit. thirdly, and the most important factor for this delay is, Netflix recently released season 5 this year. therefore, its practically impossible for Netflix to release another season so soon.

Therefore, the beloved cop comedy can be expected to be aired on Netflix next year. all we can say is its worth the wait though.