When Money Heist Season 4 Will Release on Netflix Globally? And More News!!

Latest updates of Money Heist, also known as La Casa de Papel in Spanish a Spanish origin series to be telecast in last 2019 and early 2020.

Money Heist is a Spanish television series created by Alex pina. In Spanish, it is named as La casa de Papel. It’s a combat of crime, thriller, and heist. Manuel Santisteban gives the theme music composer of this series. The opening theme of this series is My Life is going on by Cecilia Krull.

When Money Heist season 4 Will Release on Netflix Globally? And More News!!

This series consists of 3 seasons in which part one was released in the year 2017 with 11 episodes, story of eight thieves who capture hostages and manipulate the police to carry out their plan. Part 2 was aired in the year 2017 with nine episodes that show us the police close in on the professor’s identity his lack of communication with the team leads to mutiny and arrest of one of the robbers. And part 3 was aired in the year 2019 with 8 episodes, and the story is based on the professor and his team patch up to free Rio and move on with their dangerous new plan.

When Money Heist season 4 Will Release on Netflix Globally? And More News!!

The fourth season who be telecasted on this year or in early 2020. According to Netflix and Alex Pina confirmed last week that the fourth part of this show is already in the process of filming. During a press conference in June, Alex pina added that there is still more for viewers to see after the end of season 3. According to el periodico, it’s safe to say that Morte, Corbero, Lopez, Peric, Ituno, Acebo, Keuchkerian, de la Serena, Herman, Perot, Nimit, and Flores will be returning to season four of La Casa de Papel.

The ending of this La Casa de Papel is based on suspicion and mystery. The shooting has started so let’s stay tunned up until the release of the series.