will a song save the future? Bill and Ted Face the music is all set tell us more 

The American Comedy film series, Bill and Ted are ready to launch their installment- Bill and Ted Face the Music. The production of the same began in June 2019. Apparently, this time around, a visitor from the future tells the best friends, Bill and Ted, that one of their songs can save the future and bring harmony to the universe.

The long-awaited sequel will finally be starring Keanu Reeves as Bill and Alex Winter as Ted. From the previous movies, actor, William Sadler has been confirmed to return. Sadler, playing the character of Death, did a phenomenal job bringing comedy to the villain of the story. His make-up and acting is something definitely to watch out in the film.

Director, Dean Parisot, and writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon have united for the third time, to make Bill and Ted Face the Music.

The first film, in the franchise, was Bill and Ted’s Adventure Begins. Released in 1989, the movie introduces the protagonists along with the idea of forming the band Wyld Stallyns. It also explores the subject of time travel. When and Bill and Ted find themselves unable to write a history report, they use the time machine to meet different historical figures and learn about important events of history.

In 1991, the story continues with Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey. In this movie, the robots of Bill and Ted are sent in the past to kill the duo, so as to finish the existence of the band Wyld Stallyns. The science-fiction comedy has introduced concepts of souls to the extent that souls of Bill and Ted meet Death, and they ultimately become allies.

With the coming of the third movie, it is expected that Bill and Ted’s respective daughters will be playing prominent roles. Will their song save the universe from the evil, well, only time can tell? And since we cannot time travel, all we can do is hold our hopes high and patiently wait till the movie goes on floors on August 2020.