American singer, R. Kelly pleads not guilty on involvement with minor & other charges

The American singer and songwriter Robert Sylvester Kelly has pleaded not guilty Friday in the federal court of Brooklyn, New York.

In July 2019, the actor was charged for racketeering for allegedly running a “criminal enterprise.” He was accused of both promoting women and girls in his music and recruiting for illegal sexual activity.

The judge had ordered that the singer has to remain in custody pending his trial. The charges alleged that the incidents took place in four states: Illinois, Connecticut, California, and New York. The charges also allege that R. Kelly had exposed at least one person to a sexually transmitted disease without disclosing it. However, Kelly had denied all his past sexual misconduct allegations.

On 2nd of August, 2019 the prosecutor Elizabeth Geddes said that R. Kelly’s bail must be denied. She also referred to the 2002 case where R. Kelly was involved in child pornography charges. During that time the actor was bailed out. The prosecutor also said that R. Kelly would pay the intimidated witnesses “such that they did not appear to testify.”

The defense attorney, Doug Anton argued that the prosecutor Geddes claimed that these were simple allegations and that R. Kelly always appeared in court.

According to R. Kelly’s attorney, Steve Greenberg told CNN that, the singer, was already in custody in Illinois when he landed in New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport from Chicago on 1st of August, 2019. Steve said that after that, R. Kelly was transferred to Metropolitan Correctional Centre in New York.

Outside the federal court of Brooklyn, New York, many women were spotted gathered together and praying in the circle shortly before Kelly’s arraignment. Few people wore shirts that said, “Free R. Kelly,” and “Unmute R. Kelly.”

One of the women, named, Ruthie Castro, told CNN that she believes the singer is innocent.

After court’s judgment, Doug Anton said Kelly was “irritated” by the denial of his bail. His defense attorney said, “Imagine that you’re an innocent person locked up in prison.” He continued by saying, “I’d say irritated might be a good way to describe him. He’s not a happy person, but he understands the system, unfortunately.”