Drunk Tales- ” Jackass” Star Bam Margera Involves In A Fight With Flight Attendant And Is Driven Out Of Plane

It’s a bumpy ride for American skateboarder Bam Margera at the moment. On Saturday, on a Southwest Airlines flight in Atlanta Bam got engaged in an argument and as a result, he was thrown off the plane immediately. Apparently, the famous skateboarder was under the influence of heavy alcohol intake.

CREDIT: Jason Kempin – Getty Images


Margera is a former MTV personality. As per reports, the 39-year-old man was too drunk to fly. So, the airport police officer advised him not to take the flight. He also confessed to the officer that he previously took 50 shots of tequila. But immediately, he addressed the officer as a fool and called him an “idiot” as he believed his story.

Bam kept on trying to prove that he actually had just one drink. After the altercation with the officer, he was expelled from flying. However, Margera has been suffering from severe addiction issues for long.

Instagram Videos

Bam made use of his social media platform Instagram to show the incident in detail to his fans. In one video, it showed that. somebody was escorting him while Bam was in a conversation with a guard about the possibilities of lodging up somewhere before his next flight.

Another video of him revealed that he was traveling to Austin in Texas to attend an event. Supposedly, before the event, he thought of meeting a therapist. After the incident that took place at the airport, he went to custody. In the comment section of his post. his fans earnestly request him to go to rehab owing to his health conditions.

Bam continued to ramble on Instagram by sharing a series of videos. He even called his therapist in Texas “The Rapist”.

Margera has been also posting videos of his wife and friend. In one post he called his wife as “a piece of s***” and mentioned how he regrets meeting his wife. He did not stop here as well. Bam also made some really offensive comments about his mother as well.

Jackass Star

Fans want Bam’s Jackass crew to help him out of the situation and get back to his normal life. Chris Pontius wrote in one comment that they all have been trying their best to Bam get out of this terrible condition. But ultimately it’s not in their hand if somebody can disrespect his mother and wife on a public platform.

Well, let’s hope for the best!