Latest Updates on Marvel Cinematic Universe- Black Widow Stars Scarlet Johansson, Release Date and Spoilers from The Movie

Here’s good news for all Marvel comics fans. While fans were speculating a lot about the next venture from their favorite Marvel cinematic universe, finally writer Jac Schaeffer disclosed some really important details about the movie Black Widow.

The film will star Scarlet Johansson and it is going to be the story of Natasha Romanoff.


Details Of The Movie

Black Widow, the latest venture of Marvel will have no connection with Captain America Civil War. It is going to deal with the plot of Natasha in Budapest. The writer has clearly expressed that the protagonist is going to be on her own in the movie. Only one part of the movie will have a bit of reminiscence of the airport battle of the Avengers.

Possibilities are there, that Natasha will be seen joining the shield. It is going to be a huge stepping stone in Scarlet’s career. The focus will be more on the adventures of Black Widow. In the San Diego Comic-Con 2019, there was some exclusive footage of Black Widow. Scarlet donning the character of Widow perfectly will have many fight sequences as per the footages. Fans cannot keep their excitement under control.

The Taskmaster, who is the villain of Black Widow is also seen in the footage.


Director’s Call

Black Widow is going to be a refreshing change in the Marvel cinematic universe. David Harbour could not stop praising the woman behind the camera of the movie. Cate Shortland is the director of the movie and Harbour had his best time working with her. She is a very detail-oriented person and examines each of her characters and scenes with a keen eye.

The creative team of the movie has also worked hard and their passion for the movie is clearly seen. Harbour is sure that Black Widow is going to be another successful movie added to their list.

With so many details coming out from the horse’s mouth itself, it is very interesting indeed. Black Widow is set to release on May 1, 2020. Let the countdown begin.