Modi Government Removed Article 370 From J&K!! Historic Moment for India.

India abolished Article 370. It was a historic victory against terrorism in India. The mistake made years before has been now corrected.

Let Us First Know What Article 370 Is

Under article 370, the following clause was allowed in Jammu and Kashmir. Due to article 370, Jammu and Kashmir were given the status of special state.

They were having their flag, own constitution, and own rules and regulations. They are the part of India, but they were not following the Indian constitution and regulations.

They had their citizenship. And under this article, women were not allowed to marry a non-Kashmiri. If she does that her Kashmiri citizenship would be canceled, and no one can buy an estate in Kashmir except Kashmiri.

Now Kashmir will follow the Indian constitution and the six years of legislation will be transferred into the 5-year legislation system similar to Indian.

What Are Its Advantages? 

Now India will control terrorism in Kashmir. Now Kashmir will completely join India, and it’s the constitution. And now an integral part of India is a complete part of India.

Though the state is on red alert as we all know Pakistan and terrorists won’t be able to digest our victory. But the army has covered the state and curfew is implemented in the state.

Kashmir is our, and we know how to keep it. Now they will also salute the Indian flag. They follow the Indian Constitution from now onwards.

After this act, the government is taking charge of Separatist politicians. And therefore Mehbooba Mufti has been arrested so that these separatist politicians won’t spread wrong messages and hatred in the valley.