R Kelly’s plead for not guilty has been denied; Goes Missing During Trial

Kelly pleads for not guilty for the charges of sexually abusing women and girls.

He abused women during his concerts
R Kelly sexually abused many women and girls that attended his concerts. He appeared in Brooklyn court with his supporters, and he pleaded not guilty on Friday. He got denied, this was the second time that he got denied bail.

R Kelly is accused of being the leader of a racketeering enterprise, of recruiting women to have sexual acts with him illegally. He is said to be transporting women and girls across state lines.

He went missing, said his New York lawyer
Next hearing was set in October. R Kelly’s attorney said he would try to waive his appearance for it. Anton, his lawyer in New York, told that he was not able to trace him. He later complains to the magistrate that he is not able to find Kelly. Nobody knows where Kelly was during this time.

These are the charges of Kelly: five-count indictment with racketeering, sexual exploitation of children, kidnapping, forced labor, and Mann Act violations involving the coercion and transportation of women and girls in interstate commerce to engage in illegal sexual activity, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office.

Kelly must get punishment for his crimes. He must not be given the bail, and women and girls that got abused must get justice.