Scraping of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, All you need to know about.


    In India after demonization, this is the second thing that brought a massive change overnight. Now many are still unaware and are having difficulties in understanding the article and its consequences. But here’s a summary in the purest form.

    What is Article 370?

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    When India got independence in the memorable year 1947, Jammu and Kashmir ought to be a separate nation and not to merge with India or Pakistan. Thus under the leadership of Jawahar Lal Nehru and Maharaja Hari Singh then appointed chief minister Sheikh Abdullah stated Article 370 which resulted in separate laws for Jammu and Kashmir giving them a special status. But it was termed temporary under part XXI of the constitution titled as ‘ Temporary Transitional and Special Provisions.’ Sheikh Abdullah tried to make it permanent but the central government rejected the plea.

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    How did it get scrapped?

    Amidst the tension prevailing in Jammu and Kashmir Home Minister Amit Shah said ‘ Keeping in view the prevailing security situation fueled by cross border terrorism in the existing state of Jammu and Kashmir a special Union Territory is being created.’ On the late-night of 4th of August section, 144 was imposed in the state and opposing parties MLA’s and ministers were kept under house arrest.

    What are the changes?

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    The significant changes after the scrapping of the article are as follows:
    • Jammu and Kashmir are now divided into two union territories. Jammu a union territory with legislature and Ladakh without Legislature.
    • Any person residing in India can now buy a plot there which was earlier not possible.
    • The union territories now have to abide by the rules of the Indian Constitution.
    • Any women marrying a non-Kashmiri will not lose her right to property and other things
    • Right to Education is now available.
    It took 72years to scrap an article, and it’s now creating a buzz all over the Internet in India.