Lost in Space to return back on screen with its second season!

Good news for the fans of Lost in Space season one as Netflix confirmed its official return of the series. The first season ended in an ambiguous cliff-hanging state where a lot of questions are still waiting to be answered. The abrupt conclusion of the first season suggested that makers might come back with the second season of the series.

The creators Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama in an interview said confirmed the news of the second season. While answering they added that they have some “wild” ideas and Season 2 will be bigger and better than the earlier one.

To give a heads-up to our viewers: This show caters around Maureen and John Robinson and their three children, Will, Judy and Penny. Robinson’s are a family of space colonist who are sent to space mission. In their journey , the space craft deviates from its route and thus takes them to an unknown Galaxy. As the Robinsons along with Dr Smith was approaching the Resolute, the alien engine of the craft, Jupiter 2 went faulty. This resulted in Robinson’s to get trapped in a wormhole.

Speculations were there that Netflix might have cancelled the show. As netflix does not release the statistical data of viewership, it becomes unclear to grab the reasons for sudden cancellations. But with this confirmation of the second season Fans of this science fiction can finally rejoice.

Lost in space is based on a 1965 TV show with the same name. The first season went on-air in April Last year and fans are waiting for its second season to come. The makers also hinted on the fact that the season will return with most of their original cast in the second season of the thrilling science fiction.