#metoo movement in anime world! Voice actor Vic Mignogna accused of inappropriate behavior

Do yo remember the infamous #metoo movement? I am sure you must. Well this went like wildfire where people started talking about the incidents of sexual harassment. Many famous people came into prominence of being a sexual predator. Well just like that recently another famous personality got added to the list of offenders. The voice behind “Broly” in the latest installment of Dragon Ball Z series, Vic Mignogna was alleged of sexual misconduct towards his female fans.

This came into light when one of the staff members of multiple Anime Convention, confirmed that she is the author of the twitter thread where allegations against the actor was made.  Lynn Hunt, who made the allegations said in Ohio Convention, which took place in the year 2003, he  saw the actor indulging in “inappropriate” behavior with his fans. According to her most of the victims who got prey to this behavior were very young.

In a further shocking revelation,she spoke about him harassing japanese voice actor Mari lijima in Tekkoschocon convention in Pittsburgh. Another voice actor Brett Weaver came in support of Lynn’s statement. He said that he was present in the Tekkoschon Anime convention where the incident took place. Mari told him about her feeling uncomfortable around Mignogna. He also added that listening to this he made Vic sit to the other side of the panel, making a safe distance for her.

With the allegations pouring in Mic has lost a big deal from the distribution company. with the popping of the news a lot hashtags have started circulating as well like #kickvic and more.  Vic has already filed a lawsuit alleging a lot of things, one of them is a lawsuit against defamation. In response he said that these are all false accusations which does not have any credibility. Although he has been receiving a lot of backlash for this, but his fans have come in full support of the actor.