One of Netflix’s longest running original- Orange is the New Black- concludes!

The Netflix Original Series, Orange is the New Black is all set for the final, seventh season of the show. Right from the very captivating beginning, the show has got its viewers glued to their screens wanting for more.

In 2013, when Season 1 was released, it began with the protagonist, Piper Chapman (played by Taylor Schilling), showering as a child, then with a woman (who is later found out to be Alex), next with her fiancé Larry (played by Jason Biggs) and finally by herself, in a prison.

As the show progresses through seasons, so does Chapman’s life, going through many ups and downs. And intertwined with hers, are the tales of other fascinating women. Irrespective of size, age, ethnicity or colour, the female cast has done true justice to their stories.

The show doesn’t fail to portray women as being resilient characters, capable of achieving that they set their hearts upon. All the seasons dealt with the sensitive issues like minorities, LGBTQ and discrimination based on color.

The creator, Jenji Kohan, has wisely used humour to tackle stark insight into realities of female prison. The show highlights the power dynamics in ‘guard-prisoner’ relationship. The seventh season, which was released on July 26, 2019 began with ‘Beginning of the End’. The thirteen episode, finale season ended with – ‘Here’s where We get it Off’.

The American comedy drama, is one of the longest running shows on Netflix. The ‘Beginning of the End’ opened with the heart-breaking scene of Tiffany Doggett (played by Taryn Manning) being led out in a body bag.

Piper and Alex (played by Laura Prepon) had had their share of differences. Nevertheless, the emotional split through the glass of visitation room, beautifully depicted, how much they meant to each other. Warden, Tamika Ward (played by Susan Heyward), despite attempts at reform, was fired in the very last episode. After diagnosis of dementia, Red (played by Kate Mulgrew) had to leave her cell and head to Florida.

In conclusion, the finale season, handled two very realistic issues. With the coming back of Fischer, the audience witness the transition from a perpetrator to someone owning up his mistakes and evolving as a better human. Second, it has shown the plight of women by going inside the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. As the credits role in, the viewers are left overwhelmed as each character is taking a bow and biding adieu.