Update! Wesley Snipes along with other new actors joins the cast of “Coming to America 2”


    Coming to America, the 1988 American comedy starring Eddie Murphy is all set to make a comeback with its sequel. Although the majority of the original cast will be reprising their roles in the sequel, new faces will also cast a  spell.

    Wesley Snipes has been the recent addition in the cast of “Coming to America 2”. Other actors like Rick Ross, Leslie Jones, Kiki Layne will be playing some pivotal roles in the sequel. It will also feature actor James Earl Jones and Paul Bates from the earlier film.

    The 1988 film had a narrative of a spoilt young prince, Prince Akeem(played by Eddie Murphy)  of a fictional African state Zamunda coming to NYC in search of a wife. According to reports, the second venture will focus on Prince’s return to America in search of his son which he did not know he had.

    According to reports, Wesley will play the role of General Izzi, a ruler of a fictional country that borders Zamunda. James Earl Bates will be reprising his role of King Jaffe, Akeem’s father and Bates will play Oha, Akeem’s bodyguard. Once again Arsenio Hall will be playing the role of Akeem’s friend Semmi.

    Although Leslie Jones role has not been revealed, Layne has been roped in to play Akeem’s daughter. Rick Ross’s role is yet to get confirmed as well. In a recent interview, Ross confirmed the news of him being part of the cast of the film.

    The enigmatic trio of Brewer, Murphy, and Wesley is all set to make a comeback after the successful project of “Dolomite: My Name”. The film will be releasing on the 18th of December 2020. According to reports, the film will be clashing with three other films at the Box Office. Steven Spielberg’s West side story is one of them