United Airlines Cancel Flight After Pilots get Arrested for Suspicion of Intoxication

Two pilots of United Airlines were arrested in Glasgow, Scotland after seemingly failing the breathalyzer tests. Glendon Gulliver, 61 and his 45-year-old co-pilot were arrested at Glasgow Airport on Saturday on suspicion of being under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Glendon did not take the plea bargain and was given bail by the judge, in a court near Glasgow. It is unclear whether the pilots exceeded the legal limit of alcohol for pilot’s, i.e., 9 mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood, hence their charges haven’t been defined yet. In case of violation, the staff members may be punished with up to 2 years of prison or a hefty fine.

In the past, United Airlines canceled a flight following the arrest of its pilots. The passengers were awarded hotel and meal vouchers for the nuisance, and their flights were re-booked. After the incident, a spokesman for the airlines said that the safety of the passengers was their top priority and the pilots responsible for the inconvenience were immediately removed.

According to NBC News, the two pilots arrested in Glasgow were to be produced in court on August 6th, after being kept in custody.