Are They Friends Again? Katy Perry and Taylor Swift Ends Their Long Enmity and Now Is Ready to Collaborate With Each Other


    Well, celebrity fights are nothing new. But have you heard two competitors reuniting once again? Then listen out. It is time for the two big singing sensation Katy Perry and Taylor Swift to join with each other. They have officially ended their feud. When Taylor made an appearance in Katy’s last music video ” You Need To Calm Down”, the world could see the two become friends once again.

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    Another Collaboration

    As speculations are all around, there might be another collaboration coming in its way from the two stars. Katy Perry recently in an interview on a radio show gave out some possible hints about a collaboration with the ” Love Story” singer Taylor Swift. Their recent reconciliation after some bitter moments is certainly a good sign that in the future they might come together once again.

    Perry clearly expressed her earnest desire to work once again with Swift as she said: ” I’m open, I’m open”. She also said that she is a big fan of Swift and “Begin Again” and ” The Archer” are two of her favorite songs by Taylor. Perry believes that Taylor is really an intelligent person and there are a lot of layers in her singing. There is a lot of depth in their singles according to Katy.

    Friends Again


    In Swift’s single ” You Need To Calm Down” the two stars rejoined and they were wearing burger and french fries costumes. When last year, Taylor was to begin her Reputation tour, Katy sent out a note of apology along with an olive branch to her. As a fellow singer in the industry, Perry felt the need to support Taylor before she began such a huge journey. Perry thought that there are a lot of common factors between them and they must be there for each other.

    They soon started exchanging texts between them and Swift even called Perry for an invitation to her house. Perry praised the cookies made by Taylor and said they were incredible. Taylor was loving the company of her friend Katy and they wanted their friendship to be solid this time.

    So, with all the good times around, Katy and Taylor’s fans can surely expect something extraordinary coming from the two.

    On Thursday Katy Perry released her latest single ” Small Talk”. ” Lover” which is Swift’s next album will release on 23 August.

    Let’s just wait for another exciting news.