Is Anything Cooking Up Between Wendy Williams and Meek Mill? Wendy Had The Best Time Partying With Meek and Ross- Are They The New Hot Couple?


    Wendy Williams partied hard in a club with Meek Mill and Rick Ross. It was a party for Ross’s latest album release for Port of Miami 2. Wendy was in New York to attend the party and no doubt she had an amazing with her pals. But Meek and Wendy were really close to each other and rumors say there must be something brewing up between the two.

    New Couple?


    Pictures of the party showed that Wendy had a gala time at the event. She also shared some real private moments with Meek who is a rapper. The 55-year-old talk show host planted a kiss on the cheek of Meek after pulling him close. After such intimate scenes, fans are speculating that there might be something going on between the two which is certainly not just a friendship.

    Tweet Tweet

    Social Media definitely keeps up the excitement about celebrity life. One Twitter user wrote that Wendy is having her best time as single. She is thoroughly enjoying her singlehood. Wendy has filer a divorce for her husband Kevin Hunter and now she is waiting for it to finalize. Williams wore a sleek black number and to jazz up her look she added a diamond necklace. No wonder she looked stunning.


    Party Hard

    Although Meek was a bit surprised by the sudden kiss by Wendy he kind of enjoyed it. He didn’t refuse it and that is proof enough. Wendy pulled him closer to her and also wrapped her arms around her. Indeed the two had a great time together dancing. The chemistry could be seen between them and if rumors are true then they surely make a great couple.

    Their friendship is nothing new. While Meek was in custody for five months, Wendy was there to support him yo through thick and thin. Meek was behind the bars as he breached his parole. Even on her show, The Wendy Williams Show she once said in her support for Meek that he is a free man.

    Well, it’s not entirely clear whether they are just friends or there something more than that between them. Let’s hope that all rumors will be cleared soon.