Shocking-Jason Mamoa Cancelled The Shoot of Aquaman 2, But Why? Did He Meet An Accident?


    It is a no from Jason Mamoa. The American actor had to cancel his Aquaman 2 shoot because he met with an unexpected accident. Right now he can not start the shooting for the second film in the Aquaman franchise.

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    Why Jason Can’t Shoot?

    In a very sarcastic way, Jason speaks out about the protest he is involved in. A very unfortunate event took place with Jason as he puts it jokingly. A bulldozer ran over him while he was on a protest. He has been trying for a while to prevent a major construction on his native land. In an Instagram post, he clearly expressed his disgust with such a terrible happening. Jason addressed the construction company saying ” Go somewhere else”. The protest has been going on for a long time and Jason participated in it from the beginning. It is related to a giant Thirty Meter Telescope construction on the highest point of Hawaii.

    Definitely, Jason is doing an act of heroism and being involved for such a good cause is indeed commendable. As we all know, to achieve something good, you need to sacrifice a little something. Guess, the same thing is happening with Jason as well.

    For A Good Cause


    After posting an apology directed towards Warner Bros, Jason posted another one in which he urged everyone to be united to stop this. He wrote it is not just a way of protecting Manua Kea, but it is an attempt to save and preserve their culture and one of the biggest resources of Hawaii. This is a sacred mountain for the people of Hawaii and there is a dormant volcano. For the Hawaiians, it holds a really special place. Jason is so determined to stand beside the native land that he is even ready to stand in front of the bulldozer.

    The telescope is supposed to help the astronomers and astrophysicists a lot. This could be a great way to study more about dark matter and dark holes. Earlier on, Dwayne Johnson also expressed his anger and also protested for the construction. He also believes that it is sacred land that needs protection.

    Shoot Delay

    The shooting for Aquaman 2 was slated to begin in July. But Jason is among the many protestors who are trying their best to stop the construction. Hopefully, Jason’s sacrifice would bring more attention to the cause and they will be successful in saving their land.