Where is Marina Joyce, the Youtube Star? She is Missing For Nine Days? Why Is She Missing?


    It is almost going to be two weeks soon since Marina’s family saw her. Yes, the popular British Youtube star Marina Joyce has been missing for nine days. Nobody saw her at her home in Haringey, North London since July 31. Last night police finally launched a search mission for the missing Marina.


    Search Mission

    The Missing People Charity took a voluntary step to organize a search event for the 22-year-old missing digital sensation. They are earnestly requesting her to return and doing their best to find her as soon as possible. They also wrote on their website that they are there to help her. She can come freely to them and talk and share any issues with them. She will get their support whenever she needs them. A phone number was also provided them- ” Call. Text. 116000″.


    The Youtube Sensation

    Marina is indeed a famous Youtuber. She has a whopping 2.1 million followers on her channel. The last video on her channel was uploaded on June 21. Since then there have been no other videos by her. She is a popular lifestyle vlogger and in her last video, she said “help me” according to her followers.

    There was also a caption on her video which said she will be uploading a new video in the following week. But unfortunately it ever happened.

    But Marina has been previously involved in controversies as well. In a video 2016, she also asked for some help apparently. Speculations were that she has been kidnapped and the marks of bruises on her arms led to such assumptions. Date Outfit Ideas was the name of the video where she appeared to be seeking help. To help her in this situation a trend started on Twitter in the UK and the USA called #SaveMarinaJoyce. This initiative definitely caught the attention of the police.

    In another video,she also said that she is aware of the secrets of the afterlife. She even has the ability to connect with the dead.

    Police Hunt

    According to The Metropolitan Police,the missing complaint about Marina was lodged on August 7, Wednesday. They are trying to locate her immediately. A full-on inquiry is also going about it. If anyone gets any information they may contact on 101 and quote ref: 19MIS031063.

    Hopefully, Marina will return soon.