Best Android Apps For 2019

Mobile devices are the best invention of the human, but the latest innovation of applications technology makes it more amazing. Now there is an app to order food online hire people and much more extraordinary features. Well, according to the data, there is almost 3 Million apps on the Google Play Store. And the number is still increasing day by day. Some of the apps have the same functionality, that because avoids to try them all and choose the best one. 

Well, here in this post, we are going to discuss the top 5 trending apps in 2019. Those app get maximum exposure in 2019. It is because people will know how and what types of apps are making the top list and why. So to know the complete list better to read the whole post. 


It is a mobile game, known as Player’s Unknown Battleground. This game broke all the records and captured the highest number of downloads in Game section in 2019. It’s a battle royale game, in this battle, you will be dropped in an area with other 99 contestants to battle. That last one to survive is the winner of this game. 


The youth went crazy for this game, that’s why it makes in our list. Not only the gameplay, graphics, and all the details about this game is fantastic. 




It is one of the best apps for messaging. There are many other apps, too, but WhatsApp is straightforward to use and has many amazing features. In WhatsApp, you can do voice calling and video calling for free. You can share your photos, videos, and other important files or documents too. Also, the smooth and comfortable UI makes it more adorable, that’s why it is trending in 2019 all the time. 


There are more than 300 million daily users and 1 Billion + downloads in the Google Play Store. Now you can imagine the popularity. 


Google Assistant


Sometimes we messed up our work. Due to workload, we forgot some vital take too, where we all feel to get an assistant to help us, right? But paying an assistant is not affordable for many. That’s why Google introduce AI-based smartphone assistant. It’s not like a real assistant, but it can help you in many you can do voice commands to call, text any of your contacts. You can ask to read news for you, play songs, trigger apps, and many more features. 


Google Duo 


It is the best video calling app by Google. The natural feature makes it amazing. Calling some is as easy Li making a regular voice call. Its unique “Knock Knock” feature lets you have a live preview of the caller before you receive the call. Another feature is you can drop a video message if another person is not available. If you like the features and want someone to talk to you, we would recommend you to find a friend via 


MX Player 


It’s a video player app but with many other features. In the latest update of MX Player, it allows to stream videos, films, and many other contents online. There is a feature for content creators too. If you are a filmmaker, you can join the program. You can change the theme of the MX Player with night or day mode. It supports high quality, videos too. 




These are the top five apps making the trending list of Google Play. We picked after did much research and considering many factors. If you find these details helpful, then share with your friends and geeks.