PewDiePie’s Long Time Rival, Dillon The Hacker Death has Sadden the Creator, Here’s His Reponse

Dillon The Hacker or PewDiePie’s biggest nightmare has left his fans in disbelief post the news of his demise.

PewdiePie’s long-time rival Dillon The Hacker is reported to have died last month, but a lot of mystery hangs around his demise. Recently, the rumors about the demise of the 20-year-old Youtube Star Dillon Henderson were making round.

However, the fans were considering the rumors as a complete hoax. Until recently, when the second-highest subscribed star PewDiePie gave out his confirmation on the news.

PewDiePie took to Twitter drafting a message where he praised his 20-year-old rival. Felix also mentioned the one time Dillon had been successful in trolling the entire audience of the Youtuber. Further, he passed his condolences to Dillon’s family and friends.

Well, Dillon’s last tweets came out on the 28th of July when he scribbled about being glued to one of Boy Meets World’s episodes. As of now, there’s still a mystery shrouding over the young Youtuber’s early death. But fans have sent in tributes for the young youtube star. Tyler Damsma, who shared a room with Dillon, sent his condolences to his family.

PewDiePie's Long Time Rival, Dillon The Hacker Death has Sadden the Creator, Here's His Reponse

Moreover, in his heartfelt post, Tyler hinted that Dillon died on the 28th of July. And he also penned how empty the world felt to him without his Youtuber roommate Dillon. Tweets from Late Comedian’s best friend and collaborator BG Kumpi also poured in. BG Kumpi aka Kevin Stafford also dropped hints that Dillon died much earlier than disclosed.

This young Youtube Fame Dillon caught people’s attention forth his online feud with PewDiePie. He attracted massive online traffic on Youtube after one of his clips, roasting PewDiePie rolled out. Dillon directed regular insults toward PewDiePie, claiming that he had overtaken his channel and girlfriend. He also amassed 136,000 subscribers on his channel.

Well, the sad news went viral after PewDiePie achieved a significant milestone both on personal and professional ends. The news for sure has shocked the fans. However, we just wish the young comedian rests in peace with Jesus. And to have the first hand of every entertainment news, tune in to us.

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