What!!! Tekeshi69 Caught KISSING Jade INSIDE PRISON

What!!! Tekeshi69 Caught KISSING Jade INSIDE PRISON

Tekashi69 or Daniel Hernandez is quite a popular singer and songwriter, but these days he has been living behind bars. Though the notorious rapper didn’t seem to have any hardship as he is, in a way, spending exciting days in the jail, after a photo of him and his girlfriend kissing went viral.

The singer of the popular song Gummo, which also happens to be the song that brought Hernandez limelight, often places himself in controversies. Those controversies are on such a level that landed him behind bars. The Fefe singer is currently serving 32 years of prison time after he was found guilty of weapons, drug issues, and racketeering. Tekashi69 also was convicted of sexual harassment and featuring a minor for sexual orientation.


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This recent news of a get-together between Tekashi and his girlfriend, Jade, emerged out after an Instagram Story posted by Jade herself. Jade is particularly active to her nearly 750K followers on Instagram and shared a story that uses one of the Instagram popular Story features. When she posted a story writing ask me anything, her follower asked when she visited Hernandez last. She responded with a photograph of her and Hernandez sharing a passionate kiss. Despite she didn’t mention where the place was but it’s kind of obvious that it was a jail, after noticing Tekashi69’s appearance.

Tekashi69, after serving jail time, couldn’t keep up with his signature rainbow-colored streaks. The photographs features, Hernandez with black hair.

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