13 year old BRUTALLY STABBED his KID sister because she got more ATTENTION from their MOM

A 13-year-old boy killed his 3-year-old sister just told to take revenge on her mother. According to the boy, her mother used to give more attention to his sister and care more for her. And this leads the hatred to enter the boy’s mind. He used to argue and fight, but his psychopathic behavior started increasing day by day.

His behavior was not considered as the mother used to think he is a child and just expressing that he is hurt and want special love and care. Though her mother tried to give him more attention, he used to get irritated when his mother used just to answer his sister. The 13-year-old boy planned the murder and killed her sister when no one was at home.

“He stabbed her 17 times until she was dead.”

Poor 19-year-old Disabled Teen Sexually Molested & Raped By School Staff Member in her Dorm

He tried to argue with his mother many times. And he used to shout at his younger sister but somehow wasn’t able to do anything. At last, he planned to kill her 3-year-old daughter when no one was at home. The mother was shocked at how simple arguments and fights lead to crimes. This wasn’t meant to be.

The murder was planned and calculated from his side. It is very disturbing, but unfortunately, it is a truth about how our society is getting the worst place to live and survive.

Now the boy has been taken to criminal proceedings. The boy has no guilt of killing his own little sister. The judiciary proceedings and medical care will start in a few days.

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