[Update] Venom 2: Tom Holland will Battle Tom Hardy: Release Date &Major Updates

[Update] Venom 2: Tom Holland will Battle Tom Hardy: Release Date &Major Updates

The character venom made a debut in the MCU universe through a Spiderman movie until it got a movie of its own individually. The character venom is based on Marvel comics, and the movie is based on the same. This American superhero film sequel (Venom previously and prequel) is a much-awaited film sequel and is set to release on the big screen this year.

Although Venom is quite a well-known character from a  much popular MCU universe, it didn’t exactly make quite a powerful impression on its viewers and fans. The IMDb ratings fell to an average of 6+ rating, with a fair critical reception.

However, the charming presence of Tom Hardy has saved the film from falling too low on, both critically and commercially, and saved the fans and viewers from despair. Hence, the presence of tom hardy is one reason why fans anticipate a sequel.

[Update] Venom 2: Tom Holland will Battle Tom Hardy: Release Date &Major Updates

All the main characters of the film, along with Tom Hardy, are now coming back for a sequel, Venom 2, as Sony has announced as early as January 2019. Venom is also the first film in Sony’s Marvel Universe.

Venom 2 Release date:

Although there is no teaser or a trailer so far, we already do have a release date, which is October 2, 2020. A trailer or a teaser is expected to be presented to us by mid-year, either June or July. Tom Hardy, who plays the title character, has also revealed that he has signed another sequel as well, making it a third movie in the Venom series.

Venom 2 plot, Cast, and What to Expect

Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock/Venom, Woody Harelson as Cletus Kasady, Michelle Williams as Anne Weying, Redd Scott, and Naomie Harris are renewing their roles for the sequel.

Stephan Graham, according to reports, has also been cast for an undisclosed role. Additionally, according to some reports, it has been speculated that Tom Holland, who plays Spiderman in the MCU universe, will also make an appearance as well.

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