[Confirmed] Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel Will Lead The New Team in an Upcoming Avengers 5

[Confirmed] Brie Larson's Captain Marvel Will Lead The New Team in an Upcoming Avengers 5

When Marvel Studios confirmed that they will cast Brie Larson as the newest addition to their family of superheroes, she received a huge number of backlash and incredulity from the core Marvel fans. But with her brilliancy in slaying the character’s traits and her ability to perform with such aggression and awesomeness, it took no time for the fans to believe she is perfect to play this role and—possibly lead a future team in Avengers.

Captain Marvel brought both critical acclaim and commercial success—a whopping one billion dollars at the box office. Fans really loved Brie Larson as an elite Kree military member and former U.S. Air Force fighter pilot.

Her ability to balance the immense amount of superpowers with humanity might have garnered such praise from the fans and media. Marvel Studios also wouldn’t want to lose their golden source of fat cash and she went on to play a bigger role in Marvel Studio’s Avengers: Endgame.

[Confirmed] Brie Larson's Captain Marvel Will Lead The New Team in an Upcoming Avengers 5

Recently an inside source close to Marvel Studios reported to We Got This Covered that the studio has reportedly agreed to allow Larson (with her character, Captain Marvel) to lead a new team obviously with mind-blowing superheroes, either new or old, in another upcoming ambitious project—Avengers 5.

Well, the news might come as a shock to the group of fans—who once tried to replace Brie Larson and prevent her from playing Carol Danvers. Larson has received huge negative attention, even before the release of Captain Marvel, with some fans launched an online campaign to troll the actress and started a petition to replace her as Captain Marvel.

And if those guys again hear about this, then it’s inevitable that Larson has to be ready to receive another online attack of hatred and backlash.

But from the honest Marvel fan’s point of view, Danvers is the ultimate and safe choice to lead a new team if that is needed. Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, and Scarlet Johansson are now no longer the option due to unexpected turn of events in Marvel Studio’s Avengers: Endgame. And even if the studio plans to draw another major character, the same fans wouldn’t like it.

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