Sherlock Holmes 3: Release Date, Plot and Cast. Latest Updates!

Sherlock Holmes 3: Release Date, Plot and Cast. Latest Updates!

One of the famous detective characters is none other than Sir Arthur Conan Doyal’s Sherlock Holmes. Based on the character, the movie of the same name Sherlock Holmes is a period mystery action film produced by Joel Silver, Susan Downey, and Dan Lin. The first film in the series of Sherlock Holmes made a debut in the year 2009, December 25. The second film, whereas was released two years after 2011.

Sherlock Holmes 3 Release Date

After almost ten years, the Sherlock Holmes film series is making news headlines once again. Fans are so excited and ready to know when it will be finally released. Originally set to be released sometime between 2020, Warner Bros has now rescheduled the release time to the next year, 2021. As talking about the reason as to why it was delayed, unfortunately, we don’t know as of yet.

But what we do know is a specific release date of next year, which will be 2021, December 22. This release date isn’t surprising to the fans as they always know the Sherlock movies have a pattern of release dates.

The previous two movies have also been released during the times of Christmas. The first was released on December 25 and the sequel, which is named Sherlock Homles: Game of Shadows, was released on December 16, 2011.

Sherlock Holmes 3: Release Date, Plot and Cast. Latest Updates!

The cast of Sherlock Holmes 3:

  • Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes
  • Jude Law as Dr. John Watson
  • Jared Harris as Professor James Moriarty
  • Noomi Rapace as Madam Simza Heron
  • Stephen Fry as Mycroft Holmes
  • Kelly Reilly as Mary Morstan
  • Rachel McAdams as Irene Adler

The Plot of Sherlock Holmes 3

Although we don’t have many details about the plot, we are quite certain that the 3rd film will follow a story after the events of the second movie.

In the previous movie, we saw Holmes being dead while trying to save his friend and his wife, but we were made sure that’s not the truth. According to a few reports, the co-creator of Netflix’s popular series Narcos has been hired to write for the script of the third movie.

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