Jaden Smith confirm something socking about his gay relationship and dating with Tyler the creator at Grammy 2020!

    'Jaden Smith' CONFIRM HE IS GAY & DATING 'Tyler The Creator' at Grammy 2020

    Tyler responds to Jaden Smith’s claims that they are dating. However, it is not currently official whether they are actually dating or if Jaden is playing around. The question that is being asked by many people is that is Jaden Smith Gay and also whether he has a boyfriend?

    On Sunday, during the Grammy awards, he was singing his songs Earthquake and New magic wand. He was also joined by Boyz 2 and Charlie Wilson which was an awesome performance.

    Justin Beiber then uses the opportunity to tease Jaden Smith’s comments. He tells “Thought I was your boyfriend”, to which Jaden responds you know that you are. Jaden Smith makes the main headlines when he was at Flog Gnaw Festival where he said that Tyler is my boyfriend. And the Canadian pop had recently dated Baldwin from December 2015 to January 2016. They split before reconciling in May 2018.

    Their engagement was in July 2018. they obtained a marriage license in September.As Tyler talks to the media about his couple Jaden, he seemed to tell the crowd that their relationship is more than non-romantic.

    Smith was seen laughing casually when he tells the truth. Tyler was shaking his head in denial but no one took it seriously because the truth was already out. Many had speculated that he was joking. The 20-year-old took to Twitter and posted “I told everyone you can’t deny it now”, which he seemed to delete later on.
    However, on Apple Music’s Beats 1 Radio, Smith confirms that Tyler, the Creator is his boyfriend.

    He tells that “I recently said that Tyler, The Creator is my boyfriend and that’s true”.This had created a buzz among the fans and on Twitter after their comments. Some people are seen giving expressions of shock while others are pretty happy for the two.


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