Angelina Jolie Furious With BRAD PITT and Asks Him to Choose Between Kids and Jennifer Aniston


    While Brad Pitt’s fans are happy with his reconciliation with his former lover and Friends actress Jenifer Aniston, one person is particularly hurt and furious over him, and the person is none other than his ex-wife—Angelina Jolie.

    Once-famous Brangelina reportedly separated in 2016, after twelve years of a healthy relationship and togetherness. Pitt and Angie were sometimes referred to as the role model for Hollywood sweethearts and were continually receiving worldwide media attention.

    After separating from Jolie, Brad Pitt has now reunited with his former lover Jennifer Aniston. Jen and Brad Pitt shared each other’s space since 1998 and married two years later in a private ceremony in California. But citing irreconcilable differences, they reportedly separated in 2005. Now, both are pretty comfortable with each other and are frequently attending award functions together. Some inside sources also claimed that the actors are planning for a wedding sometime later.

    A source close to Angie reported that she felt disrespected by Pitt’s speech at the SAG Awards. The reports claimed that the furious Tomb Raider actress had banned Jennifer Aniston from seeing Brad’s all six children. Angie has also filed for sole custody, according to an Australian magazine, Woman’s Day.

    A report from the reputable inside source claimed that Angelina Jolie apparently asked Brad Pitt to choose between his kids and Jennifer Anniston. Jolie will file with a huge lawsuit if he refuses to comply. Life & Style revealed that Angelina would ask for settlement as much as $100 million or more if he doesn’t listen to her.

    The sources close to Brad Pitt mentioned that Brad is utterly exasperated with Angie’s request, and if his kids weren’t between, he would have never crossed his paths again with the Maleficent actress. Both are now undergoing quarantine at their different house due to coronavirus pandemic, but few reports claimed that Angie has allowed Pitt to come and visit their kids during the lockdown.


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