Still Hoping For “Mr. Robot Season 5”??? See Are Makers Considering The Series For Further Season??


    Rami Malek has impressed all with his outstanding performance as Elliot in the show Mr. Robot. Elliot plays a cyber software engineer who does this normal job by the day and vigilante who hacks at night. The story follows his journey as he is put in a very compromising position.

    The firm that is very dear to him, and he goes to any length to protect has to now be destroyed. And he is the guy they choose to do this job. The series has a very well placed plot that made the audience crave for more. Mr. Robot was unstoppable and would keep on getting renewed for a new season. With the fourth season out, fans are excited to know if there will be the fifth season of their favorite series. Let’s take a look at what we know.

    The fourth season of the series came with a sad announcement for the fans and was declared as the finale season. The last episode gave enough closure for us to keep Mr. Robot in our memories.



    Still Hoping For "Mr. Robot Season 5"??? See Are Makers Considering The Series For Further Season??
    MR. ROBOT — “Not Acceptable” Episode 406 — Pictured: Rami Malek as Elliot Alderson — (Photo by: Elizabeth Fisher/USA Network)


    Sam Esmail has directed as well as produced the show and spoke about the show coming to an end as a good thing and that he genuinely is very humbled by the praise that the show has received worldwide—further talking about the show he has also said that his team was not really ready to give up the show so soon.

    The first season made us see Elliot testing waters, the second season, he had to differentiate and look into what is real and what not. The third and the fourth season gave enough time for the story to play out well. We get why fans would not like this sudden cancellation, but Rami Malek himself will not be able to the showtime due to his upcoming projects.Mr. The robot will not have a fifth season.


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