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James Gunn CONFIRMED the DEATH of this Major Character in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3


James Gunn just teased a popular character death in Marvel Studios: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, and death is imminent. So, if you are die-hard Marvel and Guardians of the Galaxy fans, then this is not for you because you might feel just a bitter heartbreak.

James Gunn has directed the previous two flicks in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and set to direct the third one, and even he has pitched the story for the upcoming sequel. James Gunn recently appeared in an Instagram Q&A session during this lockdown due to coronavirus outbreak. The director interacted with the fans and answered various questions, including the death of one of the characters.

A fan asked whether someone is going in die in GOTG3; the director responded to the fans’ question with just one word—Yes. The shocking revelation has caused fans worldwide to deduce who might be the unlucky character to die in the third sequel.

Some popular guardians have already died in the previous installment of films in Marvel Cinematic Universe. The most popular death in GOTG has to be of Michael Rooker’s Yondu. Yondu—although being an annoying character in the earlier part of the film—sacrificed himself at the end to save the life of Peter Quill and immediately garnered the respect from fans. Gamora also died in Avengers: Infinity War after her adoptive father, the mad-titan Thanos, sacrificed her for Soul Stone.

One guardian will surely die, but we don’t have a literal idea about who that would be—either primary guardians or supporting characters. James Gunn was previously fired from directing the sequel, but then Marvel Studios re-hired him because they thought no one could helm GOTG as brilliantly as Gunn (heavy sarcasm). However, Gunn later confirmed that he wouldn’t be working for GOTG until he completes his work on DC’s The Suicide Squad.

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