Maisie Williams talks about her love life and her experience on the Game Of Thrones set. Here’s all you need to know!


    Maisie Williams, The 22-year-old fame from the popular tv series Game Of Thrones, finally opened up about her love life and her experience on the sets of Game Of Thrones. Here’s all you need to know!

    Don’t know, Maisie? Don’t worry!

    Maisie Williams is an English actress. She rose to prominence as Arya Stark in the HBO fantasy television series Game of Thrones.

    Maisie, on her time on Game of Thrones, also appeared in the science fiction series Doctor Who as Ashildr and gave her voice voices in the animated series Gen: Lock. Moreover, The Falling, Williams’s first film was also filmed on her time on the show.

    Experience on The Game Of Thrones set

    Maisie was 12-years-old when she got the job of Arya Stark in Game Of Thrones. Discussing it, She said that she experienced a change from a little youngster to a woman in the eight seasons of the show.

    In the ten years of the show, her kinship with co-star Sophie Turner developed more than any other cast member. They ended up forming a new bond of sisters. Maisie also ended up being Sophie Turner’s bridesmaid at her wedding!

    To summarize her experience, Maisie has no words to explain what the show did for her.

    Maisie Williams Love Life!

    Maisie Williams kept her dating pretty life secret while on her time on Game Of Thrones, But recently she opened up about her new boyfriend, Reuben Selby.

    But who is this Reuben Shelby?

    Selby is the co-founder of a Contact Agency, Cortex Creatives, and Selby Brothers, letting himself stand amongst the crowd as a successful entrepreneur. Moreover, He also engages in several charity works.

    It was in rumors that Maisie Williams and Rueben Selby dating since February 2019.

    Furthermore, Rueben attended the wedding of Sophie Turner, Maisie’s sister, in the Game Of Thrones with Maisie, which further ignited their dating story.


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