What do we know about Mask 3 ?? What new things are coming up with this series???? Everything you need to know about the series!!


    Mask is the American Based Animated television series which is directed by Russell Calabrese. This series consists of 3 seasons and fifty-four episodes. It is based on a superhero adventure action movie.

    This series started on August 12, 1995, and the last episode released on August 30, 1997. This  Show was premiered by  Jim Carrey along with two other series.

    The Actors are Rob Paulsen, Neil Ross and much more.

    The storyline of Mask 3 

    This tale is about the group of a ghost who tries to free some of the group as they are in jail. There plan is to make to influence and set war against others and to prompt their power.

    Episodes of Mask 3

    Season one consists of 15 episodes, the first episode aired on August 12, 1995, and the last episode of season 1 is aired on November 11, 1995.

    Season two consists of 30 episodes, The first episode of this season is released on September 6, 1996, and the Last episode released on March 29,1997.

    Season three consists of 9 Episodes, started on July 5, 1997, and ended on August 30, 1997.

    Crossover of Mask 3 

    The Mask and Ace Ventura: Pet detective are made as crossover series as both are premiered by Jim Carrey animated based series. The first episode is started with The Mask episode “The Aceman Cometh” and ended with Ace Ventura episode “Have Mask, Will Travel”.

    Add on information about Mask 3 

    These series  Telecasts in the CBS Network. The duration of each episode is 30 minutes.  Some controversy occurred as the second season episode “Flight as a Feather,” which is never Telecast in the Fox family channel and the original network is CBS network.

    The Mask series is followed by the Son of the Mask is a superhero comedy movie which is directed by Lawrence Guterman. which is Released on 2005 budget of the movie is $84–100 million and the box office is $59.9 million. For further information stay connected with union journalism.



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