Samsung Galaxy Fold has been launched. Was it worthy? Latest News, Feature and more!


    In this modern era, people want more quality and more technology in their gadgets. And Samsung has full filled its ambition by giving them Samsung Galaxy Fold. Samsung is the most trusted and most demanded company when it comes to the smartphone because the Samsung brand provides satisfaction to its customer, which is required for any company that wants to be a champion.

    Samsung Galaxy Fold Launch Date

    We know that Samsung Galaxy Fold launched in February 2020, and Samsung earned huge money by selling this. Galaxy fold is different than another galaxy mobile because it provides 11.62 cm AMOLED display with slim flexibility, Which is made of polymer, So we can fold it. Galaxy fold can be found only in two colors Silver and Black. After its large size, we can easily handle it because it offers us to fold it.

    "Samsung" Is Gearing Up To Launch "Galaxy Fold 2" As Per The Announced Schedule In This COVID 19 Pandemic Scenario!!!

    Samsung Galaxy Fold Specification

    There is a 512 GB internal space with 12 GB ram. It is a multitasking smartphone, which is very rare. Battery backup is 4380 mAh. There is a total of six cameras. If we talk about Megapixel, then it has 16 MP for ultrawide and 12 MP for wide-angle. Samsung Galaxy Fold is available in 4G and 5G ready option, so we can enjoy web serving at full speed.

    One more thing is that it consists of a magnet. In the U.S., it cost around $ 1,980. Surely, Samsung is a great brand, and it always tries to innovate something new, which has not been seen by the world. Samsung company executive stated that in the past year, 400000 to 500000 units of Galaxy fold had been sold.

    The user will be happy that Samsung Galaxy fold two has been confirmed. And teams are working on it. Currently, we do not know about its specifications. For now, the user can purchase this smartphone on Amazon and can take enjoy its feature. We know that it is expensive, and on Amazon, it can be purchase at less price around 154,990 Rs.


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