“The Bodyguard Season 2”: When We Can Expect It And What’s The Premiering Platform?? Other Latest Update Are Intact!!!


    The Netflix/BBC series The Bodyguard has been keeping its fans waiting since 2018. Many have raised questions asking whether the series has been canceled. The delay gave rise to more such suspicions. So We would like to clear those concerns because the series will surely be back.



    The Bodyguard came out through BBC One on 26th August 2018. Directed by Jed Mercurio and starring Richard Madden, the series had begun making news prior to its release. Richard Madden plays the role of David Budd, the protagonist. The series revolves around David, who is a Sergeant in London’s Metropolitan Police Service. Being a war veteran of the British Army, he suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

    He is hooked in as the Principal Protection Officer of Julia Montague, who is the British Home Secretary. Despite having absolute regard for her political activities and ambitions, he has to do his job.

    "The Bodyguard Season 2": When We Can Expect It And What's The Premiering Platform?? Other Latest Update Are Intact!!!

    The series concentrates a lot on data privacy issues. The issue of government surveillance overruling citizen’s privacy has been well portrayed in the series. We also see the problems PTSD patients suffer receiving the deserving attention in the series.



    The Bodyguard opened up to be a massive success. Critics and fans lauded the series for its brilliant execution. Viewership rose to a humongous 11 million on the day of the finale. No series has surpassed that record in BBC One. Taking note of the massive popularity the series enjoyed, Netflix acquired the streaming rights for the series. And, it also enjoys a 95% rating from Rotten Tomatoes. This is followed by an 8.3 score from IMDB. Richard Madden won the Golden Globe for his brilliant performance in the series.



    "The Bodyguard Season 2": When We Can Expect It And What's The Premiering Platform?? Other Latest Update Are Intact!!!

    Following the amazing reception, fans quickly raised questions about a sequel. The director gave hints about the second season at regular intervals. But he continues to evade giving an exact date. The busy schedule of Jed Mercuro and Richard Madden might be the main reason for the delay. Nicholas Gleaves (Whip Roger Penhaligon) said recently that he had spoken about the new season to the producer. He added that they were sure about a second season, but had not informed much about the exact release date.

    So, 2021 is the latest by which we may get the second season. We have rumors going on the net about the works gaining pace as soon as the COVID 19 crisis is solved. So, until then, we have no option other than to wait.


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