BBC’s “Clique” Is Up For Renewal Or It Has No Future At All: Find What Makers Are Up To!!!


    The popular BBC Three thriller series Clique had its second season last year. The series, which belongs to a suspense-filled mystery-thriller genre since began raising questions about a renewal. But, will Clique return with yet another installment?

    The series that is the brainchild of Jess Brittain made its first appearance in 2017. Clique had it’s the first season run on BBC three from March 5, 2017, and was there till it aired its sixth episode on April 9, 2017. And it opened up to generally positive reviews from the critics and the fans. The critics lauded the makers for the perfect execution of the dark theme. And the plot of the series also got it’s due recognition mainly due to the mysterious background.

    BBC's "Clique" Is Up For Renewal Or It Has No Future At All: Find What Makers Are Up To!!!


    Clique dealt with some volatile issues that could have gone wrong had it not been for the way it was made. Toxic masculinity, right-wing ideologies, and violence were some of those issues it put forth.


    So, due to the portrayal of such issues in the perfect and acceptive manner, fans loved the series. Owing to such a reception, the makers decided to go ahead with their plans for renewal. Thus, the second season came out in November 2018 after they announced the renewal in January. The second season got a rerun in July 2019 on BBC One. This really got the spirits of the fans up. This re-run raised their hopes up for a third season. As everyone knows, BBC One is the big stage compared to BBC Three.

    But, very little news followed. The show ended on a cliffhanger; the fans and critics loved it. But still, it was not confirmed. BBC is in line with many major projects, and that might be the reason for the delay. But as soon as they are done with them, we guess Clique will be back. Until then, we have no option other than to wait.


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