The leaked plot of The Last of Us 2! Everything You Need to Know About This Popular Game!

After The Last of Us’ success in 2013, a second part was inevitable. The game that began development a year after the original game’s release is set to release later in the year. Since The Last of Us 2 is so close, some leaks were bound to happen. Here’s the leaked plot of the upcoming game.

The Last of Us Original Game

The original game revolved around the main character Joel, a smuggler who has been recruited to get young Ellie across the United States to her in return for some stolen weapons.

The whole country is in lockdown as 20 years before the events of the game, an infection of the mutant Cordyceps fungus has caused infected people to turn hostile and even creatures to become cannibalistic.

The leaked plot of The Last of Us 2! Everything You Need to Know About This Popular Game!

Amid all this, Joel tries to get Ellie through the States, navigating his way through enemy territories. He finds out that the girl herself got infected about three weeks ago. Since symptoms start manifesting themselves within 2-3 days of infection, this leads them to believe that Ellie might be key for finding a vaccine.

The game ends with Marlene being revealed as the main antagonist of the game. Her only goal is to rebel against the government and find a vaccine, and for this, she does not hesitate to go through anyone. She tries to remove the infected part of Ellie’s brain so that her quest for the vaccine is not hampered.

Joel, upon finding out about this, fights the Fireflies and rescues Ellie, taking her to safety. On his way, Marlene finds him in the parking where he shoots and kills her to end her pursuit. During all this, Ellie is unconscious, and when she finally comes to her senses, Joel makes up stories that the Fireflies had stopped trying to find a cure, but when Ellie starts having survivor’s guilt, Joel reveals everything to her.

The leaked plot of The Last of Us 2! Everything You Need to Know About This Popular Game!

The Last of Us 2

We already knew that the game was going to be Ellie-centric, but a Redditor, 4chan, revealed that the game is going to reveal how she became immune to the fungus and her whole back story.
The following thread was posted on Reddit:

It has since been deleted.
It is clear that the game is going to be as great as the original part, if not better.

The Last of Us 2 Release Date

The game was set for a May 2020 release. However, given the current situation, it has been indefinitely postponed.

E3 gameplay reveals a trailer released in 2018. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the link:

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