Did Season 4 Of “Money Heist” Confirmed “Season 5”??? Find Out All About The Possible Renewal Here!!!


    “Esto Es Una Guerra.” These words, which the Professor told at the end of Money Heist season three, turned out to be an apt reference for season 4. The fourth season of the popular Spanish series La Casa De Papel came out this month. Season 4 premiered on Netflix on 3rd April 2020.

    Did Season 4 Of "Money Heist" Confirmed "Season 5"??? Find Out All About The Possible Renewal Here!!!
    The cast of Money Heist


    The series now has a cult status among its followers. We haven’t had such a kind of excitement for a series since the end of Game Of Thrones. Money Heist has been able to fill that void to an extent. Some fans have even gone as far terming it as the best series of all time. But, this has led to some irks from the fans of Breaking Bad and Game of thrones.

    La Casa De Papel has a large fan following. It also has a high reception from the critics. This status has followed the series from its first season. And they have done a brilliant job by improving the quality of their content. With mind staggering twists and outstanding performances from the cast, the thieves in their red suits and Dali masks have taken the world by a storm.

    Did Season 4 Of "Money Heist" Confirmed "Season 5"??? Find Out All About The Possible Renewal Here!!!

    Fans were waiting for Season 4 since the end of the third season. And let’s say none of them are disappointed. Season 4 has been the best installment of the series so far. We saw Professor and his team taking down the system in a way no one saw it coming. Nairobi’s death turned out to be a shock for all and drowned the fans in tears. But fans are overjoyed by the way the show has ended. The cliffhanger at the end of the season promises us a much more thrilling season 5.


    So, not in the wildest dreams is there for the cancellation of the series. The crew has confirmed a season 5 for the series. They haven’t mentioned exact release date. But, we guess based on the usual pattern that the series will be here in 2021. The filming will begin as soon as the COVID 19 situation is under control. So, we got to wait a bit.

    Did Season 4 Of "Money Heist" Confirmed "Season 5"??? Find Out All About The Possible Renewal Here!!!

    The fans are dying to see how the rest of the heist will go. With the authorities knowing that the Professor has always been a couple of steps ahead of them, their response is something we should see. They want to see the encounter between Alicia and Professor, while some are claiming that the Professor already saw it coming.  So, no matter how much we wait, we are sure that it’s going to be another season with the edge of the seat scenes and twists. So when it finally comes out, it will definitely be worth the wait.


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