Will Keanu Reeves return for the sequel of Bill and Ted 2 face the Music???When is it releasing?? Cast, Plot and all other details!!


    Kid Cudi is set to appear In the new  Bill and Ted movie.

    Intro to the Adventure with Bill and Ted 2 face the Music

    “Bill and Ted” is an American sci-fi film featuring Bill S. Preston and Theodore Logan portrayed by Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves respectively. The series has a various spinoff, animated series and video games down the year.

    It has two main canon films till now the first one, Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure directed by Stephen Herek, released in 1989. The second movie came in 1991 directed by Peter Hewitt titled Bill and Ted’s, Bogus Journey.

    The cast of Bill and Ted 2 face the Music

    The cast for the new Bill and Ted Face the Music will see Keanu Reeves reprising in the role of Ted along with Alex Winter as Bill. The time traveler from the future Rufus will be played by George Carlin. The duo of the princess whom Bill and ted marry will be portrayed by Jayma Mays and Erinn Hayes. The cast will also have the daughters of Bill and ted acted out by Samara Weaving (as Thea Preston) Brigette Lundy Paine (as Billie Logan).

    The plot of Bill and Ted 2 face the Music

    The writers of the movie have been making attempts from 2010 to write a story that will follow the series and the characters properly.

    The film is expected to follow Bill & Ted, as middle-aged adults with their Children coming to grasp that they have yet to accomplish the music that the future Utopian society will follow.

    Both the lead actors have been working with the writers Matheson and Solomon to come up with the story.

    Release date of Bill and Ted 2 face the Music

    The film is slated to release in 2020 but it is very unlikely that the film will stick to the schedule. Because of the pandemic, the release is reported to slated to 2021

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