The Release Date For “Spiderman 3” Postponed For A Further Date: What Is It And Who’s The New VIllain??


    Spiderman is a character that not only fascinated children but adults too. Spiderman’s movie never fails to entertain its fan. The last release of this franchise, Spiderman: Far From Home, was a super hit and earned a huge amount at the box office. It was released in 2019. After this release, fans’ expectations were high for the sequel of this movie.

    Spiderman: Far From Home left at a point, which gives base and hope for another sequel. But, fans were disappointed with the news of the failed collaboration of Sony and Disney. But, we have good news for all the fans. Here, it is.

    Spiderman is coming with another movie, and MCU is implementing this plan. This movie will be under the collaboration of Sony and MCU. In September 2019, Sony announced that there would be another movie in this franchise, and its production will be started in July 2020.

    The Release Date For "Spiderman 3" Postponed For A Further Date: What Is It And Who's The New VIllain??

    Release Date


    The release date for this sequel is July 16, 2021. But, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the filming of this movie may get hampered, and it is possible that the movie will get delayed. However, there is no such official announcement related to the delay. So, we hope that the movie will release in July 2021.


    So for the new movie, Sony is planning to have a new villain. However, it is not revealed who will play this new character and what the character will be. We will update you with this.

    When it comes to returning cast, we can expect Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Jacob Batalon again.

    The Release Date For "Spiderman 3" Postponed For A Further Date: What Is It And Who's The New VIllain??

    Plot details


    As of now, the plot for the movie is not yet revealed, but we are expecting that the movie will continue from where the second part ended. But, we will get a new villain also. So, this new villain will add new twists to the story.

    We will keep you updated with every upcoming update.


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