Bestselling Writer “Veronica Roth” Is Bringing An Epic Story, “Chosen One” To Reveal A New Superhero!!!


    About the Author- Veronica Roth

    Famous for her trilogy of novels, which later were adapted to a new movie, Veronica Roth is an American novelist and a story writer. Born in New York City and raised in Barrington, Illinois, Veronica Roth is the youngest of three children. Having a German and Polish descent, and her other siblings live in Chicago and mother in Barrington. Born on 19th August 1988, Roth completed her schooling and graduated from Barrington High School.

    Soon she registered at Carleton College; she moved to Northwestern University for her higher studies and program in Creative Writing. Later in the year 2011, she married Nelson Fitch and resided permanently in Chicago. Famous for her Debut trilogy novel- Divergent, Insurgent, and Allegiant, her write-ups were declared as the New York Times bestselling novels.  Since then, they have held high her dreams and made her mark in the industry.

    Bestselling Writer "Veronica Roth" Is Bringing An Epic Story, "Chosen One" To Reveal A New Superhero!!!


    About the Book: Chosen One

    She was acclaimed as New York Times best selling author, with a massive success of the trilogy, later created into a motion picture. Author of short stories, essays, and blogs, Veronica Roth, is an excellent author with her first-ever adult novel – Chosen Ones.

    A mixture of drama, fantasy, contemporary fiction, and a slight look of paranormal fantasies, Chosen one is about a group of chosen one teenage who in between the impacts of society coming his way & also saving the world. The protagonist protects the world from the psychological strains laid by society. Sloan Andrews, the protagonist in the novel, is one chosen by prophecy to defeat dark. Focusing, trying to coordinate, and rearrange life after he defeats the dark is a struggle for him. Circled everywhere by media, and people talks, one day the dark ones defeats one of the five chosen one, and he dies. With all going around, Sloan was forced with secrets from his past.

    Release Date

    Officially date of release is 7th April 2020; Author Veronica Roth cleverly lays down the topic of mental health, racism, and society in the book.


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