“The Boss Baby 2” Can Be Moved To A Further Date: Get The Recent Updates On Release Date, Plot, Cast!!!


    The Boss Baby is a movie released in 2017 and is an American animated comedy movie. The movie was distributed by the 20th Century Fox, and Dreamworks Animation was the producer of the film. The movie was a big hit all over the world. Not just children, but the adults around the world also found it quite entertaining. The success of the first film was good enough reason for the making of the sequel.

    The movie revolves around a baby who is, in reality, a secret agent. He has been sent to the world with a mission to train babies to behave in a more lovable manner by the Baby Corp. there was a decrease in need of babies because the world was loving dogs more. Dogs were not only cute; they were easier to handle, as well. The Boss Baby, therefore, has a task to make babies more likable as compared to dogs in the world.


    The Boss Baby 2: Release Date

    The sequel of the animated comedy will not be releasing any time soon. However, the good news is that it will not be getting canceled. All such rumors are totally false. The producers and makers of the movie declared that the movie was in its initial stage of production. The initial date of release of the film was 21st March 2021. However, it may get delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Though, no official statement about changes in the release date is out. We will have to anyway wait long for the baby to be back on the screen.

    The Boss Baby 2: Cast

    "The Boss Baby 2" Can Be Moved To A Further Date: Get The Recent Updates On Release Date, Plot, Cast!!!

    Alec Baldwin will be back in his role of Theodore Templeton, or as we know him, the Boss Baby. Miles Bakshi, who plays Theodore’s big brother Tim, will also be in the movie. The narrator, Adult Tim, will once again be played by Tobey Maguire. Boss Baby’s arch-rival is Francis E. Francis. He is the CEO of Puppy Co and the former CEO of Baby Corp. He will return to the screen, and he is played by Steve Buscemi.

    Tim’s father, Ted Templeton, is played by Jimmy Kimmel, and he will be back in the film. Tim’s mother and Ted’s wife, Janice, will once again be played by Lisa Kudrow. Although not confirmed, Conrad Vernon is also expected to return in his role as Eugene Francis.

    The Boss Baby 2: Expected Storyline

    There is no storyline for the sequel as of yet. However, the sequel would also focus on the Boss Baby trying to manage between his job and his family. He would be seen handling his mission as he dresses up in a perfect corporate suit, and tries to train all the babies. At the same time, he would be seen doing all the duties that he may have toward his family, even though he is a baby. All of this, he would manage to do with the help of his brother, Tim. We may see yet another face-off between the Boss Baby and the enemy Francis. To know more, stay connected!


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