Netflix Originals OZARK’S Season 3 Ending Finally Explained, No More Breaking Bad


    Netflix finally dropped the highly anticipated third season of Netflix’s crime drama original series, Ozark. The series was, indeed, worth a wait, and finally, the series stepped out of giving Breaking Bad-esque vibe. The series has garnered positive responses from critics and viewers and has received applauding praise for tone and performances. The series revolved around a normal family man, and a self-employed financial advisor turned criminal after starting to launder money for a Mexican drug cartel.

    Ozark brings the pretty fresh memory of AMC thriller, Breaking Bad. As in both series, a white-collar guy enters a criminal world just to earn some more cash but ends up diving into the vast criminal underworld—from where it is impossible to exit. However, season 3 transformed the story arc from Breaking Bad after Jason Bateman’s Martin “Marty” Byrde actually tried to bring his whole family into the drug world.

    Season 3 Ending Explained

    The season finale was titled All In and premiered on the same day the rest of season’s episode premiered.

    The third season has now dragged all Byrde into drug enterprise of the Navarro Cartel. The season brought the relationship of drug kingpin Omar Navarro (Felix Solis) more closely with Marty’s estranged wife, Wendy (Laura Linney). Wendy is now completely into the criminal world and even ordered to kill her brother, Ben, to prove loyalty to the cartel.

    Another turning point in the third season was Navarro cutting his ties with the long-time associate, Helen Pierce (Janet McTeer). Well, Helen spent the whole season making trouble for the Byrde family and in the process, disturbing cartel’s business and operations.

    What happened in the end?

    Well, as the first baptism of Navarro’s son turned into mass murder, Navarro invited Marty, Wendy, and Helen to attend the second baptism. The dramatic event occurred when Marty and Wendy sent the FBI to Navarro’s rival cartel and killing Ben (who tried to expose Missiori enterprise). This act resulted in gaining Navarro’s trust and made him end his long consigliere with Helen. The end simply referred that there is still more to watch as this was just a begging after Navarro henchmen shot Pierce.

    Season 4 will be more exhilarating to see the face-off between Byrde’s and the so-called heart of the show Ruth Langmore’s local criminal resistance.


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