Will “The Stranded Season 2” Will Come Up To End The Plot In A Good Way??? See What’s The Update On Renewal!!!


    The Stranded was the first Thai Netflix original series. The show tries to bring different elements into the Thai film making while also maintaining authenticity, on the other hand. The story targets the most basic need of a human being, i.e., survival.

    Thirty-seven understudies from a well-known institution are stranded on an island. While this, a wave hits them, which transports them to a very unusual location that they’d never thought of before. A lot of things take place here, and they will have to collectively do everything that they can for survival. A lot of things take place in a sequence that seems very weird, and they finally realize that their chances of survival might be dim.

    The setting of the show has been compared to The Society on Netflix. The first season aired in November 2019, and the fans have been waiting for a second season ever since. The first season was ended on a lot of cliffhangers, the answers to which we hope we find in the second season.

    Will "The Stranded Season 2" Will Come Up To End The Plot In A Good Way??? See What's The Update On Renewal!!!
    The Stranded 2

    A lot of things took place on the show that could lead to the plot of season 2. Arisa, Ice, Nahm, and Ying was last seen trying to leave. They may come back to help their friends or turn their backs on them. With May being pregnant, her delivery will most probably be done on the island. What will finally happen to Anan?

    Amongst all this happening around them, will the students find a way to get out and not be stranded anymore? If not, will they be able to understand the way of life better? We will have to wait and watch because, as of now, no official announcement has been made by Netflix about the release of The Stranded Season 2.We expect the series to drop by November 2020.


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