DCEU’s Titans Season 3: Plot, Release, Who will be the big bad villain in the Upcoming Season!!?


    After two successful seasons, the DCEU’s Titans is set to come back for a third run on the TV. The popular show based on the DC Comics’ Teen Titans follows a group of young heroes who join forces to work against evil.
    The live-action series began development in 2014 and finally released in 2018. With its third season just around the corner, let’s review what we know till now about the show:

    Titans Season 3 Plot

    If you grew up watching Teen Titans, you know the original superheroes who formed the group. The story begins when the group initially disbands and shows how the originals, as well as some new heroes, come together to reform the group.

    The first season showed Rachel running away from her evil father, Trigon. She approaches Dick Grayson, who himself is trying to get some distance from his mentor. They team up with Kory and Gar to fight the forces of evil. During the first season, Kory is also seen suffering from amnesia and tries to deal with the fact that she is not sure who she is.

    The second season features Deathstroke as the main villain. The ruthless assassin is the reason why the group originally disbanded so, facing him again is a real challenge for all of them. Thrown into the mix are two more threats- Cadmus Laboratories and Kory’s sister and archenemy, Blackfire.
    The team in the second season consisted of Dick, Rachel, Kory, and Jason.

    The second season resolved most plot points by the end. It did set up for the next one.

    Rachel leaves with the Amazons in hopes to bring Donna back. Backfire arrives at Earth and is set to be the Big Bad Villain next season. Kory deals with her issues between family and her friends and will probably be more of a part of the team.

    Titans Season 3 Release Date

    The release date of the next season has not been revealed yet. It was confirmed to come out by Fall 2020, though. But given the current state of affairs, I won’t bet on it.


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