Fire Force Season 2 – Release Date, Plot and more. Everything you should know!


    Fire Force is a Japanese manga series written by Atsushi Õkubo. Directed by Yuki Yase, the first season aired from July to December 2019. And it has not been long that we witnessed the fiery battle between Sho and Shinra, but fans cannot wait for yet another season of the series.

    The series has been revived for season two, and here is everything we know about it!

    Fire Force Season 2 Release Date

    As officially announced by the studio, the second season is arriving soon and set to premiere in July 2020. The exact date of the release has not been announced yet. The anime based on Manga is set to be the continuation of the second chapter in the anime series.

    However, the release might be postponed due to the current situation of the COVID19 pandemic, as it has already caused the closure of studios in Japan.

    The show will stream on FunimationNow, Crunchyroll, and Toonami service. The series is said to be produced by David Production Animation Studios. Hideyuki Morika would be handling the character designs, and the animation direction would be done by Yoshino Kozaki.

    Fire Force Season 2 Plot

    Fire force season one managed to produce enough base for the storyline of season two. It picked at a really faster pace and managed to keep the audience hooked onto it. The followers of Manga can get a sneak peek in the series as the upcoming season is also adapted by the same Manga.

    The official storyline for the show is set in year 198 of the Solar era in Tokyo, where distinct fire brigades fight against spontaneous human combustion where humans are being converted into living infernos known as the Infernals.

    The story progresses around the character – Shinra Kusakabe, who has the power to ignite a fire from his feet. He works with the fire force company 8 in the world destroyed by the Great Disaster. Shinra works towards destroying the infernos and rescuing his Brother Sho, who is abducted with an aim to bring on the second Great Disaster.

    The last season concluded with the revelation of the truth about the death of Shinra’s family, twelve years ago. It is to be seen what holds in the upcoming season.
    Stay tuned for further updates!


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